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MRT Safety Tips

MRT Safety Tips

Safety guide on the elevator.
- The handicapped, elderly passengers, pregnancy and passengers with luggage are welcome to make use of these lifts.
- In case of stuck in the lift, Passengers inside the lift should press emergency button and speak to BEM personal via intercom for assistance

Safety guide on the escalator.
- Do not lean against the edge of escalator
- Do not walk up or down the escalator
- Do not rush down escalator to catch a train.
- No prams are allowed on the escalator.
- Children are not allowed to use the escalator alone.
- Escalator could be stopped by pressing the emergency button beside the handrail. Abuse of the system is subject to fine.
- In case of emergency, Please call passenger before pressing the emergency button.

Automatic Fare Collection Gate Safety.
- Lift your bags or your belongings high above the Automatic Fare Collection gate
- Please carry your child who exempting from the fare.
- Do not obstruct the order passenger using the automatic gate.
- Handicapped and elderly passenger or pregnant women are advised to use Special Entrance.

Safety guide on the platform.
- No food, drink, and snacks were allowed inside the paid area of the stations.
- Do not block the train doors or platform screen doors when they are closing.
- Do not attempt to aboard or alight the train when the doors are closing.
- Please stand behind the yellow arrow sign and let other passenger exit first. After boarding, please move inside.
- Please mind the gap between the train and the platform. Notify BEM officers if any belongings drop in the track.

Safety guide on the MRT Train
- Do not lean against the train doors.
- Do not block the train doors when passengers are boarding or leaving the train.
- Always hold the handrails or strap hanger while standing.
- Secure the wheelchair with the safety latch inside the compartment.
- Please offer your seat to anyone in need.

Safety guide on the MRT system
- Passengers should immediately notify Officers of any suspicious persons.
- Passengers should immediately notify Officers of any suspicious items.

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