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Ticket Type
Purple Line
Stored Value Card

Child Card





Passengers aged up 14 years old and 90 cm. tall will be entitled to the free ride.


*** Wrong use of ticket or traveling without a ticket ***

Penalty Fees charge not exceed 20 times the maximum fare charged at that specific time


•  50% discount from MRT full fare

•  For Children 91-120 cm. tall and up to age 14 years old.

•  Initial value of 180 Baht (100 Baht Travel value + 50 Baht Deposit + 30 Baht Issuing fee)  

• Issued and added value at Ticket Office

• The card can be used in all 18 MRT stations

•  Further top-ups can be obtained at designated graduated rates from 100 to 500 Baht. No fragment of a hundred is possible 
and the remaining value in the card must 
not exceed 2,000 Baht

    Updated information about fare rates is availabled on Menu : Tickets > Fare Table

Member of , APTA and NOVA.