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MRT Purple Line
MRT System

MRT System

Rolling Stock
The Rolling Stock can accommodate up to 900 passengers planned to operate at 3 cars per train with driving cap and the emergency exits at each end car.

Each car seats 42 passengers, along with two wheel chair spaces. One alternate side of each car, there is a passenger intercom push button for an emergency communication with the Train Operator.

Each door can be manually open by pulling the corresponding Passenger Emergency Release(PER), located at left of each door. When activated, it allows the door to open only after the train has been fully stopped. There are two fire extinguishers on each train and one in driving cap.

The Purple Line Depot
The Purple Line depot is located at Kanchanapisek Road, Bang Rak Phatthana, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi and it occupies an area of 150 rai (or 240,000 sq.m.). It is located nearby the Khlong Bang Phai terminal station and includes a major park and ride building. The depot incorporates all facilities for the management, administration, control center, and maintenance of the Purple Line system.

Major facilities are:
- Main Workshop

- Stabling Area
- Operations Control Center (OCC)
- Permanent Way Workshop
- Train Wash Plant
- Administration Office
- Bulk Substation
- Test Track
- Training Center

The Operations Control Center (OCC)
The Operations Control Center (OCC) is the heart for the railway system. The qualified staff members working in the OCC are responsible for the overall control and command of the system including all stations and all train enabling BEM to achieve the goals of Company Mission Statement. In degraded and emergency situations the control and command can be established from the fall back control room to continue the smooth train service.

The Operations Control Center (OCC) is manned 24 hours per day to support both train service and maintenance activities after service hours.

The staff in the OCC must be provided with the training courses aiming to guarantee safe of the passengers as the first priority. They have to be truly knowledgeable and must be able to apply the rules and all procedures to control and manage the emergency situations with calm and with full confidence. They must be able to make safe, correct, and prompt decision to ease the difficult problems in accordance with their roles and responsibilities.

The recruitment and training processes of the staff members are the key of the success. The staff has to attend and pass many training modules including “Traffic Control Simulator Training” which could last from 6 months or more, then follow by on-the-job training. Accordingly, all activities shall aim to make certain that railway operations are carried with safe and fully efficient way.

Member of , APTA and NOVA.