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MRT Purple Line

Station and Facilities

Stations Information

The MRT Purple Line Project, Bang Yai – Tao Poon Section consists of 16 stations. In general, all of the system's stations are elevated and constructed on three levels with the exception of Tao Poon Station , the interchange station.

Ground Level
Access to the stations from the street level is provided via stairs and escalators, and elevators for the physically challenged. The stations mechanical and electrical equipment like generators, fire protection, etc are located at this level

Concourse Level
The first elevated level of the stations or the concourse level houses the ticket vending machines, station operation offices, some small retail shops, and the access control gates. The second level, where the platforms and rails are located, is accessible via stairs and escalators.

Platform Level
The platforms are designed to accommodate maximum six-car trains. Train stop points and train access doors will be marked on the platform floor for the safety and convenience of passengers waiting to board the train. Another safety feature of the MRT Purple Line system is the provision of half-height Platform Screen Doors that provide a safety barrier between the commuters standing on the platform and the tracks, and the trains before they stop.

Station Facilities

Elevator is provided at all stations.

Escalator is provided at all stations.

Handicap Facilities
All the stations provide facilities for handicap like ramps and elevators to allow passengers who use wheelchairs to conveniently access the ticketing hall and platforms including Toilet for wheelchairs user.
Member of , APTA and NOVA.